Joy in the Jungle Home

This new year has brought so many new joys. One of those being a new home. I moved into a new house and have enjoyed the adventure of cultivating a home. The day after moving myself in, I opened the doors to guests, travelers, and housemates for long and short term. Some days this home feels like a hotel or bed and breakfast, or rather a breakfast, lunch, and dinner club.  It has been a revolving door of interesting people. I have been delighted to share dinners, conversations, coffees, and time creating with each one. 

This is my friend's house where for the last 2 years has been my favorite place to come mid-week for an open dinner and inspiring discussion of faith and Bible study. When my friends moved back the states , I volunteered to take up residence in their house. It is a little surreal that I live here now. It's not the same without them, but I enjoy constantly creating memories and moments here that make it feel more and more like home. 

13+ guests from 7 countries have come in and out with their contributions to this space and my life. Each person has been like a flower in a big beautiful bouquet. 

Here are little glimpses at the cast of characters: 

One of my friends who lives here between leading international tours and counseling refugees in Iraq. 

French siblings that made homemade bread.  

Mexican chef who made Sopa Azteca to perfection. 

Canadian marine biologist who taught me so much about the ocean and enjoyed hikes and moments in nature like seeing her first monkey and sloth and jumping off waterfalls. 

German teacher and therapist who shared many deep conversations about fear and faith with me and time in the garden painting. 

A couple from Spain who enjoyed the first meal at the table, sipped wine, danced flamanco and painted. 

A professional skydiver. 

A lovely couple who helped me fix things around the house.  

A man from Hawaii celebrating his retirement and new life Costa Rica. 

A wilderness therapist with the biggest heart, personality, and adventurous zest for life.   

2 of my favorite Costaricense artist friends that I love to draw and paint with.  

A french Canadian family who took over the house with their organic food, art, and music making.  

My aim is that this house would be a place of joy and belonging. My hope is that all that gather here would feel welcomed, accepted, celebrated, and loved silly. 

What's being cultivated is what I like to see as an Art House. A place where people can come, stay, connect, or disconnect, and be inspired to rest and create art. The art that is created perhaps is not a painting, but a meal, poem, or new purpose in life. The rooms may only serve guests for a day or night and send them off to find greater joy in their journey. Whatever transpires here I am happy. I am happy to host this joy in the jungle home that I hope helps others be a little more joyful. β™₯οΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒΊπŸŒ΄β›΅πŸŽ¨πŸ˜Š


Sails in the Sunset

Sunsets at the Beach