Curiosity Studios

Making art because_______________

Curiosity Studios is a creative learning studio offering creative courses for the blocked and stuck. Founded by my friend Ashley Mary and a group of insanely fun and talented teaching artists in Minneapolis, it has all the aspects I am curious about and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in a beta test group in October. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as I am a bit blocked and stuck in this season of my life.

In this colorful space we learned to make things, mess up and remembered how to play.  We explored tools to express our whole selves using art, design, and craft. In our classes we focused on the process, the hands, the spirit and always made room for snacks. We were thoughtful with one another and our resources. We tried new things for trying’s sake.

Exploring themes such as identity, chaos, slowing down, and play helped create new paths of connection with myself, and others. I walked away from each class with new tools to approach my life and art making. I was able to expound on each topic throughout my week and created a series of personal paintings inspired by this season of my life and these themes. I had not painted like this in a long time, so this was a huge breakthrough. It felt so good to release the things stirring within me.

It’s amazing what a little communal snacking, listening, cut and pasting, playing, and painting can do for our hearts and minds. I feel happier and healthier, more honest and free in my creative process and life.

I am grateful for this experience and hope to share it with others.


Joyful Hearts