Her Story Matters

Everybody has a story. Every story matters. Our lives are precious. We are all created with a heart that beats, lungs that breathe, minds that think, hands that create and bodies that walk unique paths. We are all on a journey. We have stories to tell. Sometimes in the midst of this crazy hurried times, we forget this. We forget that there is a beautiful narrative being written every day. It is so important to share our stories, to tell testimonies of where we’ve been, where we have come, and how we got there. It is as important to listen and lean in to the stories people tell, to really hear them, see them, and learn who they are and what they’ve walked through. Our stories matter.

This painting was created for a friend after she told her story in a group I was a part of. It moved me and everyone in the group. She told her story as a beautiful tribute to the Glory of God and found meaning in everything. She is gifted to tell her story and inspire others. Her story matters.

This was my attempt to abstractly illustrate a grand story line of years of memories that spiral, pieces of gold that carry through the fire, coming out radiant and glittering and shining as they are molded and crafted into brilliant future.

This is her story. This is my story. Maybe this is your story.

Created in August 2016

Created in August 2016


Stoic Joy