Creative Community.

“Creativity is Intelligence having FUN! - Albert Einstein

When I was considering moving to Costa Rica 2 years ago I remember asking the founder of the school I was interviewing to work at what the creative community was like, or if there was an arts scene. She told me there wasn't really one to speak of. There's people who make and sell art on the beach and a few galleries, but most of an art scene is in San Jose. I remember being a little disappointed but thinking maybe I can create one... As a teacher at El Puente Christian School in Quepos, and the guide of Art and Wine nights at Selina Hotel in Manuel Antonio, I have seen a wide variety of creative intelligence in this town. I am astonished at the level of creativity I have discovered here. The things that my students at school create are incredible and we have so much fun! It is amazing to see them learn and grow in every area. I think this has a lot to do with the amazing teachers I work alongside.

Every week, a table fills in the playground at Selina with an eclectic mix of locals and travelers. I have hosted a whole sorority from Ohio, ladies night outs for groups of moms, couples on their honeymoon, and people from Germany, Israel, Spain, France, and Mexico at the same table. I have met film makers, graphic designers, gallery owners, professional basketball players, rappers, musicians, accountants, and people from all over the globe chasing their dreams and living their own version of "Pura Vida." I have made some of my best friends and great connections through this experience creating around a colorful table. 

In my 2 years here I have met some of the most creative people. Let’s take for example Richard Agϋero Garita who just graduated High School this year and is already developing a career as a professional artist, photographer, and filmmaker. I am honored to have hosted his first public exhibition at Selina earlier this year where he sold over 20 paintings, received a dozen new commissions and international recognition. I go to the most beautiful church on the beach. I have met the most creative families there  that all own  successful hotels, real estate agencies, tour companies, and restaurants. I could create on the beach with their kids forever! I have so much respect for all small business owners  and the people who have brought their boats here to charter  and the people who chase the sport fishing game with so much passion. The amount of English teachers Maximo Nivel has trained and sent into the community and world is impressive. The yoga teachers and holistic wellness gurus are a gift to our souls. I wish I could mention them all by name. I would have a list as long as the Ask Zippy directory.

I’ve never considered myself very intelligent, but always very creative. It is renewing my mind lately to think of creativity as a form, or product of intelligence. Being surrounded by the quality of people here I have experienced an exponential increase of inspiration. I am so grateful for this community and am hopeful for the bright future of this incredible place because of the people here that are as wonderful as the terrain. 



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