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I have recently experienced a revival of my love for the Bible. As far as I can remember, my faith in God has been very important to me. I came to know and love Jesus through a children's Bible Study when I was 4 years old. After an inspiring week learning a story in John 10 about Jesus being a good shepherd and His sheep knowing and following his voice, I heard His sweet voice calling me to follow him and asked my mom how to do that.  My mom and I remember praying together to "ask Jesus into my heart and lead me me as my good shepherd." 

I have read the Bible all my life. I have gone to Churches and Christian schools that have taught me. I have completed extensive studies on it's content and  memorized and recited sections that I love. I have written papers comparing it to other

Religions, beliefs, books, ideologies, and worldview perspectives. I have gone to Bible school, led group studies,  discussions, and written songs and created art inspired by it's God breathed words. 

I love God and the Bible is His word. I read it like His love letter to me. It is like breath in my lungs. His word paired with prayer is like dynamite to my soul. It blows up my paradigm daily. It is truth that renews my mind. I don't always agree with what it says, but that is the point of reading it. It challenges me. It changes me. As much as I oppose it, I can't avoid it. I can only digest a little bit at a time. I like to paint and sing as I dwell on concepts. It comes to life at times in my daily life. For example; I was reading the story about Paul encountering God's glory in a flash of light just after seeing lightning strike a pole outside of my house at the very moment I was struggling to believe. 

I want to share the love of the Bible  more. I want to dig into it with people who want to journey together creatively through it. I want to travel the world and share a love for God's word with people. I want to help change the narrative in people's minds about the Bible being used in an abusive, judgmental way and see it as an invitation to know God and His great love. 

Some of my favorite things are getting together with people to talk about the Bible, pray, share meals, and encourage each other in faith. If anyone is interested in doing this with me or connecting with a group that does let me know or check out these awesome groups:





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Pure Joy!