Home Sweet Home

"Welcome home!" the immigration officer said to me as I crossed customs in the US for the first time in 6 months. I was confused. Oh yeah, the USA is my home, I forgot. 

(Home is where the Heart is )

The last two weeks in Minnesota were so good for my heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. Seeing and spending time with my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews, kids I used to nanny, and lifelong treasured friends was so life giving and wonderful. 

It was so special to spend my mom's birthday evening with her in our favorite garden, sipping wine as we browsed my recent art and shared our hearts. We did some damage shopping and had so much fun while browsing all the pretty things at my favorite little shops and the grand Mall of America (which my dad helped design, but will barely ever visit lol). She would buy me anything I wanted, which was pretty much everything... I could not let her do that but we found some lovely items and it was really nice to share the memories and time together. I think she shows her love through giving which is hard to receive sometimes, because I receive love through quality time. So I don't care what she gives me, I just like the time with her and the attention. I will wear the things she bought with happy memories of our moments together. 

It was enlightening and very empowering to spend time with my dad. He helped me make a business plan, start writing a new life plan, make some drawings, and design a house. For now these all can fit in my sketchbook and backpack, but coming soon to real life and maybe in the next 5 years could have a gallery, life, and house with a nice view. He is so wise and wonderful. A man of few words, but very powerful ones. I will never forget the goldmine of treasures we discovered and designed in our dark crowded basement and at our lunches and while art supply shopping. 

It was so fun to steal my family members cars and cruise around the city visiting all my friends and favorite happy places. I spent a lot of time in Longfellow garden, Minnehaha falls park and playground, lake Harriet, Hiawatha, Nokomis, Highland pool, the rose and peace gardens. I enjoyed a bike ride, hike, picnics, ice creams, dinners, donuts, painting, drawing, writing, reading, swimming, enjoying life and not letting one moment get away. 

I got my haircut, brows waxed, saw movies at the vintage Riverview theater, sang with musician friends at a local cafe, browsed art galleries and gift shops, skyways of skyscrapers, scored the last 2 tickets for West Side Story at my favorite Guthrie Theater, danced on the endless bridge, sang in the amber box, watched fireworks over the city skyline, sang on the dock to the ducks on the lake, and ran through wildflowers down to my secret spot by the creek to paint. 

This all seems like a dream. My heart is so FULL and I am overflowing with a renewed sense of love and joy in my heart ready to overflow. I am back in Costa Rica for Lord knows how long. I have fresh vision for my purpose here and  am excited to give all I've got to give in my different roles here as an artist, teacher, neighbor, and friend. 

I uncovered this gem of a prophesy a mentor of mine wrote in my old books I think is such a lovely reminder for me of my identity: 

Imagine a woman, she about 20. Picture her in your mind. She can be wherever you want her to be. At school, at work, at home, she's just living life. Now imagine this woman... she's walking. She's not from this world... that much is clear; you can see it in the way she walks. Her head is held high; she's walking in the Spirit. She has absolutely no ties to this world. She's completely free. She's walking confidently... like this world means nothing to her. This world tries to bring her down, but she knows who she is and she doesn't concern herself with the things of this world. Advertisers can't control her, media can't influence her, society can't mold her-- She's on a journey; she's on her way home. She's not created for this world... no, not at all. Darkness cannot touch her, she frustrates the plans of her enemies because she is ruining their kingdom. The world is perplexed by this woman... who is she? Why doesn't she care at all what people think? Because it is alllll fading away. She's stuck... between the human and the divine, and she chooses to live in the divine. She is a stranger. 









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