30 before 31

Three decades, 30 years completed and enjoyed... with the fullness of JOY!  

I am so thankful. So hopeful. 

Family, Friends, Adventures and Art... have been abundant over all my years, especially this last one. I only hope the best is yet to come. 

I have lived almost all my dreams for my life so far. I have lived and learned, loved and lost. This new chapter of my life will be full of new dreams and visions come to life in brilliant color. 

My birthday party was everything I imagined and more. I am so thankful for all who came and to all who sent warm wishes and love. 

I have a little tradition of making a list as long as the years I've lived of things to do before my next birthday. I had a few people contribute to this years list. So here it is: 

  1. Hablar en Espanol bien - speak Spanish well 
  2. Climb a mountain 
  3. Run a race 
  4. Go White water rafting 
  5. Continue to share JOY 
  6. Eat well, pray in color, LOVE people silly 
  7. Start an Art Gallery 
  8. Sell 30 paintings 
  9. Fill 30 Sketchbooks 
  10. Read 30 books 
  11. Write and Publish blogs, poems, a book 
  12. Discover a new artist and help launch their carrier 
  13. Start a YouTube channel and get 10 million followers - Art and Adventure videos 
  14. Disfrutar al maximo- Enjoy to the MAX 
  15. Be Magnanimous - very generous, forgiving, generous, charitable, big hearted, altruistic, noble, philanthropic, unselfish, beautiful, merciful... 
  16. SING! kareoke, in the shower, on the beach, on a stage, with friends, students, on an album, write songs again, collaborate with musicians.. 
  17. Be humble and proud of my students, friends, family, and myself.  
  18. Go home to Minnesota 
  19. Play soccer with the kids at recess and watch the world cup and champion's league 
  20. Visit places in Costa Rica I haven't been- La Fortuna, Rio Celeste, Santa Teresa, Corcavado, Drake Bay 
  21. Make new friends and keep up with old ones 
  22. Take Latin dance classes, online art classes, study psychology, and keep developing my mind  
  23. Lead and learn to teach better and help inspire kids to love learning 
  24. Create a new Life Plan and Storyline  - help others do the same, mentor, and lead people to enjoy their Journey 
  25. Go on dates and lots of adventures. ( a few people have told me to get married, but I think that maybe I should first try dating: )
  26. Travel - Fill my passport - lots of new stamps, Follow my "True North" and Go everywhere with all my heart.  
  27. Grow my hair long
  28. BE a CHEF 
  29. Move to a new place 
  30. Be infinite 



30 days of 30

Art Class 2.0