Joy in the Jungle Art School: Collaboration idea

I have alot of ideas lately. Well, I always have alot of ideas, some crazy and some brilliant. I want to share one with you here today.

I have always dreamed of being an international teacher. My grandma, mom, aunts, cousins, brother in law, and friends are all teachers and I have always admired them. I am not formally educated as a teacher, but I have learned from some of the best and from years of experience working with kids and adults teaching various things like how to read, write, eat, swim, play sports, sail, paint, sing, worship, manage emotions, study the Bible, make art, travel, speak English, Math, and Science. I have been living this dream, teaching at a school in Costa Rica for a year and a half now. It is very exciting, challenging, and rewarding. 

One of my challenges has been lesson planning. Being a very spontaneous person, I have a difficult time making plans. This is a problem when detailed lesson plans are required of me for my work. I've been trying to make this part of teaching fun and creative. I am growing and getting better at this, and could use some help. I have found my classes are more fun and fulfilling when I execute a good plan. I have spent countless hours at coffee shops, my dining room table, my bedroom floor, even in a hammock on the beach, dreaming, reading, writing, downloading, and organizing information. I have deliberated  how teach it to kids 3-13 years old, and also adults for my painting class. I save and upload everything to a Google drive that the other teachers can see and my director can review. One of the other teachers this week told me my plans inspired her and she wants to be in my class. That was such a great encouragement and exciting to me. It gave me an idea. To my surprise and delight I have gotten a few  requests for private art lessons, and collaborations. I am a natural YES person, but know my boundaries and time limitations, and I can't fulfill all the requests. So here is the idea: What If I can create an online Joy in the Jungle art school!?  If I publish my planning, than anyone can follow along and join in.- What do you think? Are you interested in learning with me? Or collaborating with me? We could share notes in a Google doc or email. Here's a glimpse at some recent plans, an outline of themes for my art classes, an overview vision of what this could be:

Intro- Exhibition of recent art and sketchbooks. Share stories of my process and inspiration and ask about what inspires students and what kind of art they like and want to learn this year. 

Review vocab of materials and guidelines for good use. 

Give piece of paper and colored pencil and draw where they get inspiration.  

Give list of mediums we will explore this year. 

Artists past and present and examples of work

Themes/topics :

Drawing - black and white

-color  theory- 

daily sketchbook

Illustration and story  

Modern Calligraphy- script , Graffiti, hand lettering 

Photography- frame, subject, nature, portrait, composition  

Watercolor - wet on wet, wet on dry

Acrylic- from imagination, from reality  

Abstract, realism  , feeling, form


Sculpture- Play-Doh, clay, mask, farrole  , jewelry , furniture , frames

Graphic design- transferring art to the computer- digital design  

Architecture and design - planning  , drafting, design elements, implementing, building models, interior, textiles 

Painting walls, mural design  

Textile - design for fabric, ceramic, painting objects

Forming an art collection 

Building a portfolio

Curating a Gallery Exhibition. 

Art business- sharing, marketing and selling artwork! 

Send me a comment or email to if you are interested in joining this creative journey! 

P.S. I am still developing ideas and learning myself, so if anyone with experience, advice, and resources in these areas would like to collaborate I would be overjoyed. You could even come to my classroom in the jungle of Costa Rica and be a guest teacher!? Maybe even plan a little vacation while you're at it! 


My Curated Collection: Gallery Wall of images I have been given, commissioned, made, found, bought, and students work from 2 017-2018

My Curated Collection: Gallery Wall of images I have been given, commissioned, made, found, bought, and students work from 2 017-2018


My studio shelves of materials

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one of my most recent intuitive paintings 

Art School 101

insanely inspired

insanely inspired