insanely inspired

insanely inspired

My head and heart are overflowing like the waterfalls in the end of rainy season in Costa Rica. I am living in a tropical paradise. The rainforest, Pacific ocean, creative, smart kids, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs are my day to day 9-5 and basically 24/7. Staying in Costa Rica to teach another year was maybe the best decision of my life. My last blog revealed my crazy process and this one will reveal the product.

I have come to the conclusion that teachers have to be the most insanely inspired humans. There must be an extra level of inspiration for art teachers. This is my second year teaching and I am learning so much and growing in ways I never knew possible. I am realizing my potential as I pull it out of the children and students I work alongside. Between my day job at El Puente Christian school, to my art and wine nights at Selina Hotel, spontaneous adventures, private studio sessions, collaborations and exhibitions with local artists, I am a busy bee, fueled by the honey of the sweetness and beauty of it all. I am amazed at the treasure within each and every person I interact with. To live a creative, joyful life and help people along their journey is my passion. It is so fulfilling to be in a position to live this everyday.

Various experiences, adventures and connections have led to producing more art than I know what to do with. I am learning so much in the process.  Since the start of 2018 my adventures have included: 

Trekking the mountains

Swimming in: waterfalls,  rivers, countless pools, the ocean

Paddle boarding into the sunset, with a board that lit up under the rise of the super blue moon

Parasailing over Manuel Antonio beach, flying over the place I live 

Private art camp for an amazing family- setting up an art studio and Gallery and gift shop for their Villas Resort on the beach and yurt home on the river in the mountains. 

Trips to the City of San Jose and San Isidro to shop for supplies, see movies, and network with other artists. 

Live painting during live music of a dj and Saxophone player from Isreal.  

Surfing and painting surf boards.  

Hammocking, listening to books on the beach.  

Watching the sunrise and sunset daily from a scenic location   

Singing and drawing in and under trees...

Those are just the highlights... the list goes on and on 


My inspiration comes as much from within than from around. For me it is an indwelling power that I believe is the holy spirit, living and active within my heart and soul. My Spirit is moved and creates, guided by God as I communicate with Him. I experience His love and want to express that love to others. 

At church this weekend we talked about how God lives outside of the expanse of the universe. He is the Creator and the only holy, uncreated one. If His spirit dwells within me, that means when I create I am at one with that kind of power. This is humbling and insanely inspiring. I hope it is for you as you read this and walk in this world. 


Late night doodles and processing  on my table canvas 


painting made during a live sax performance


church on the beach notes .


Take me somewhere I feel free


Magical, musical tree. Drawn by my friend Memo, colored by me  

Joy in the Jungle Art School: Collaboration idea

Growing in Gratitude