Joy is a Journey

Joy is a Journey

I believe life, like the creative process, is all about the journey. Making lists is a big part of my journey of processing and creating. Here's a few fun lists I thought I'd share to give a glimpse of my journey this year. 

  • A map -curated by coffee and conversations- 

Emilio's and Milagro's with friends 

La Panera with teachers 

Balcony with Jesus 

School with students 

Monteverde writing with Lisa 

Puerto Viejo beach getting henna tattoo - Alegria  

French bakery coloring with Memo and Sarah  

Tamarindo cake by the ocean  

Airport iced Brit listening to live musicians  

With neighbors being preached to by my resident Grandma

Washington DC on steps of National Gallery of Art with Lisa 

In my sister's homes Around the USA

Atlanta at Muggs and the High Museum  

In California at Panikan before my friends wedding  

In LA at Hollywood walk of Fame Stars 

Nicaragua - Isla Ometepe organic farm breakfast  

Panama City - Casco Viejo with endless pancakes among the charm and ruins  

Panama City Beach- on the beach with family , Lydia and Donuts 

On top of an active Volcano Irazu in freezing rain  

  • Top ten travel tips  :

Dress cute and comfy   - lightweight dress over leggings 

Pack light - one carry bag, hands free  

Adventure mindset  

Its all about the journey - enjoy the challenges, sights, sounds, people, along the way as much as the destination  

Make memories - what you remember from trips are the quirky out of the norm moments, the things that made you laugh, cry, and feel alive. Be aware of those moments in the making.  Capture them.  

Carpe Diem, YOLO mindset - cease the day, wake up with the sun, if you have an opportunity, take it, you may not have it again. 

Nuts and nose- for the ladies - self defense reflex

Plan the essencials, follow your senses and be spontaneous with the details  

  • Top ten things to pack  In a travel bag :

 Wallet- cash


Cell phone and charger


Music + audiobooks  

Portable Watercolor set 

Colored pencils  

Insulated water bottle  

Burt's beeswax - lipstick

Little towel  

  •  My Travel soundtrack this year

-Every step you take  , and other songs played by street or airport musicians 

- Amanda Cook's album Brave New World + Voyage song 

-The Garden- Kari Jobe's new album   

-Wonder - new Hillsong United Album  

-Chainsmokers - Memories, do not open 

- Walking in this world + audio book by Julia Cameron 

- The book of Joy - a conversation between Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu 

  • Coming soon... ideas to write about-  

Aftermath of Tropical Storm and hurricane Nate  

TEFL- what I am learning from teaching English as a second language 

Provecho- recipes and dinner party stories  

Art Adventures - SelinArt + gallery of creations  


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