Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things. - Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 

I am currently hanging in my hammock on the balcony sipping a cup of homemade kombucha, watching the clouds and birds and plants and trees blow in the balmy breeze. There is a waterfall from my neighbors laundry trickling down the side of the house, and cars passing on the street. I hear a woman yelling at a dog and birds singing sweetly. I don't have any plans today except to enjoy it. We have a feriado in celebration of Costa Rica Independence day. 

This weekend I had a wonderful epic trip planned to a new part of the country I haven't been before. My plans fell through last minute and I ended up staying in town. This was one of the best weekends I have had here. I think I needed a long weekend to rest and just enjoy time where I am. I am so glad to have shared in the parade of Independence day, a birthday celebration of a friend, farmers market feria, dance party on the beach, early Sunday walk to breakfast and church on the beach, and the rest of the day with friends in the sun. 

I met a group of travelers from the World Race at church Sunday. They were amazing people living great lives of faith. The conversations we had sitting in the sand were really profound to me. The message at church was giving over control of our lives to God. Specifically, giving Him our anxieties. This struck me, because I have been very anxious lately about big things like finances and future life plans that feel out of my control. I've been so in my head sometimes I have forgotten one of my biggest values of living in the moment and enjoying the little things. One of the World racers said that this is her key to the year she is spending traveling the world. It helps her keep faith and focus.  To hear God leading her. Each little piece is creating a big picture. I needed this reminder. Day by day, moment by moment. 

I am a big fan of lists and I haven't made one in a while. So here's a list of little things I am enjoying today- 

*Waking up early, and going back to sleep because I don't have school today

*Listening to Bon Iver concert in bed  

*Unique shapes of leaves  

*The smell of good coffee

*Buttery eggs  

*Cardomum in my cinnamon roll  

*A deep stretch  

*A cold shower

*Memories of laughter  and dancing and singing and conversations on the beach 

*Making a new batch of Kombucha  

*Creative online art classes  



*Writing poetry

*Swinging in my hammock  

*Listening to the birds and life happening around me 

*Bible study

*Planning a border run trip for this month  

*Looking forward to visiting a favorite place to paint and yoga class later 


Joy is a Journey

Joy is a Journey