29 before 30 ❤️

29 before 30 

1. Perfect my ice cream, sangria, and kombucha recipes

Grow healthy "mothers" and give away scobee 

2. Go White water Rafting 

3. Chase waterfalls Rio Celeste Nauyaca falls 

La fortuna , Bali hot springs 

4. A page a day in my sketchbook and journal, Make an amazing moleskin - publish it somewhere

5. Continue to learn! Art classes, music, read a lot, books, blogs, audible, pick people's brains about things I don't know, Develop as a teacher 

6. Bus adventures, weekend explorations, Survive bus rides, stay safe 

7. Go on dates (artist dates, friend dates, and with guys :) just do fun things with people I like 

8. Stop fearing death... "I am alive and I am going to live! Not only live but love my life! And love children, care for them with all the joy and love in my heart " 

9. Move on - separate my identity from the shame of what has happened in the past  

10. Listen to new music, Go to concerts and live music, Sing! Play saxophone again. 

11. Curate a Gallery of Painting series , Art Exhibit with my students and friends

12. Get my Tefl certificate 

13. Live "Pura Vida" , sloth life, tranquilly, 

14. Go back home to visit Minnesota family and friends 

15. Compose a book about this year 28-29 and 29-30 - see the differences in the storyline 

16. Sail on the sea! Catamaran, fishing charter, cruise ? 

17. Travel to: South America , Guatemala, Europe 

18. Develop fluency in Spanish - hold conversations longer, communicate clearly, more confident 

19. Kindness is king! Keep seeking and finding God in others and loving people like Jesus

20. Carpe diem , seize opportunities because life can fly by so quickly 

21. Realize the beauty of the world and people around me 

22. Be curious and calm 

23. More Laughter and connection 

24. Improve on my joke rep

25.  Grow closer to God, pray in color, worship bilingually. 

26. Create a "life plan" again. Meet with a pastor, Life coach, art therapist, and counselor. 

27. Accept God's next invitation 

28. Currency exchange: Figure out my finances and a way to work from anywhere in the world, make money with my artwork, writing, and other streams of income. 

29. Write reviews and memories of places I've been and loved. Keep up my blog joyinthejungle.com 





Guanacaste Day

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