40 hours in San Jose

40 hours in San Jose

Chasing the sun up the Pacific coast, golden rays cast diamonds on the water. Driving through the palm fields and Mountains made for a magical hour. A man without a seat sat at my feet for two hours. Weary and tired, maybe drunk or high, he could not hold himself up and found my leg for a pillow. Despite my attempts to tell him it wasn't safe to sit there over the mountains around sharp turns, he proceeded to sit and sleep on my lap. I struggled between thoughts of "what would Jesus or mother Theresa do? " And "get out of my personal space" !! 

At the half way point I talked to the bus driver and the man sat in the middle by his friend, sharing their space instead of mine.  

My dazzled heart wondered into Selina, my hostel home for the weekend to find it transformed Into a Frida Kahlo fiesta for the evening. Candles and stings of lights lit a courtyard of artists painting and playing jazz music while black and white films from Frida's life and paintings reeled across a screen. I swung in a hammock in awe for a while, then began to sketch Frida myself. I made new friends and shared the "grassy knoll" cozy corner for a while. Drifting to sleep in a room o strangers, I woke up to do yoga on the rooftop overlooking the city, surrounded by mountains and the architectually diverse Barrio Amón. 

I ate a bountiful "tico (Costa Rican) breakfast, while listening to a good book in a greenhouse type kitchen. Here's the menu:

Gallo Pinto (savory rice and beans) 

Scrambled eggs


Breakfast Potatoes  

Fresh fruit - papaya and pineapple  

Coconut cream yogurt


Coffee with cream and sugar  

Banana bread  

After all this ( yes I ate all that! )  I was fueled for the day. 

We live in a most remarkable world, rich with mysteries. Inspiration is everywhere as we walk in this world and I love days that I am fiercely aware of it. I find so much joy folding my dream of being an artist into my everyday life. I carried my camera and sketchbook, pencils and colors and I captured scenes as I experienced them. 

 I wandered in wonder down streets lined with visual art, jazz musicians, dancing, dramatic performances, and creative people. It was like walking in a dream. I made memories with friends, and met new ones along the way. I felt so privileged to share in such a culturally rich experience. I also felt like I connected deeper creativly than ever with this country. My heart feels as I it is falling in love with this place, like every day romancing me to delight and enjoy more fully. 

Barrio Amón neighborhood favorites-  

Selina Hostel  

Café NAU TA 

Café Miel

Talentum -emergent art gallery and cafe

Amon Solar  

Alma de Amón   

Sunday morning,  I wandered through the same streets on my way to church. They seemed to whisper secrets of the previous day's adventure. I spent the day with a family from church and discovered a lovely neighborhood in Santa Ana, I may make any excuse to go visit again. 







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Reduce + Reuse + Recycle

Reduce + Reuse + Recycle