Nicaragua dreaming

I woke up from a dream that monkeys were in the house, to opening my door and seeing a family of Congos howling in the trees.

Pink and orange clouds are circling around the island. I hear a choir of birds is singing in the trees. The garden is being watered by it's kind careful guardians. There is a smell of sweetness looming in the breeze.  Gentle sounds of the lake waters crashing to the shore flood my soul. 

I am enamored to dwell here in this lovely place, a paradise so heavenly I can feel God's presence. This morning I feel like Eve waking up at the dawn of creation.

The sun finally cascades feircly through  the canopy, kisses my face and wraps my body in a warm embrace   as I sway in my hammock .

There is someone making coffee now, and an organic breakfast feast is being prepared.. 



29 before 30 ❤️

40 hours in San Jose

40 hours in San Jose