Delzura De La Vida

Being a teacher is the most joyful work I have ever done. I am delighted to share my days with all the children God has placed in  my life. Their smiles shine so bright and they are eager to grow and learn. Five days a week are filled with reading, writing, painting, playing, dancing, eating, running, exploring and understanding  the world around us. The amount of things I do, see, and say in a day is incredible. I see 3 age levels back to back and have become infamous for hosting the creative recess room for kids who would rather paint than play fùtbol in the hot sun. 7:30-2:30 is packed full and I love it, however it's not easy! Working with kids in a second language is very challenging. There are daily tensions to overcome, but the growth that comes through the process is worth it.   

The hard work each day makes my free time all the more enjoyable! I revel in afternoons on my balcony bird watching and reading. I pray and practice yoga, watch the sunset, paint with neighbor kids, watch the street fùtbol game, and some days I nap. It is the most important thing for me to be able to endure and fullfil my purpose here. I have to remember that it is also a part of my purpose to rest. 

 I endured a very difficult year last year, and slowing down and healing my heart was a part of the reason I wanted to come here to Costa Rica.  

Once a week there is a community dinner at a friend's home, and my roommate are always cooking something amazing. Shared meals have become what I like to call "Delzura de la Vida" meaning "the sweetness of life." I have enjoyed getting my produce each week at la feria market. Fresh fruit is an abundance here! Freezing papaya, pineapples, and mango and making smoothies is a sweet, refreshing treat.

Curried coconut chicken is a savory staple. We even make soup on hot 83 degree days

Chopped Suey is beautiful  comfort Food. Sunny brocoli salad makes for a lovely picnic. 

Gallo Pinto, rice and beans, and eggs for breakfast!? That's a thing, a very special thing. 

Sipping coffee on the balcony, a coconut in the beach or a martini on a rooftop are little luxurious moments to savor. 

Meals with friends and family are the memories that make life go round.  






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