Spanish Vocab Lesson Regresar- To return.

My heart was filled with grand hopes of keeping a daily, at least weekly, possibly monthly blog when I started this thing. As I sit here at a falaffal and smoothie bar in the jungle, I realize it has been months since my last post. In some ways it is good that I haven't posted because I have been living in the moments of each day, and not had much time to write about it all. I have had too many experiences to try and catch up on, but I will try.

Since my zip line through the canopy safari last fall, (which was my last post) here is a list of my adventures, musings, and wonder filled moments: 

October Hikes through the cloud forests in the Mountains of Monteverde. Walking suspension bridges, making new friends, holding hummingbirds on my hand, painting at the Art House.

November Border crossing trip to David and Boquete Panama. International dance festival, gorgeous garden tour, The art cafe, coffee tasting. 

Thanksgiving at the JW Marriott resort in Tamarindo (in North Costa Rica) with friends, eating, swimming, spa daying away through a hurricane, earthquake, and tsunami. (all happened very close to us, but we were not effected) 

Shopping, movie in Spanish, lunch in Perez (pronounced Paris) with all the teachers. Found (fake) Chanel sunglasses for $3. 

Waterfalls in Savegre, vegan food and kombucha in Dominical, Whale Tale formation beach walking through North and South tides colliding in Uvita. Ventanas beach where the tide splashed through "windows" in the Mountains.

December discovering a home away from home in the city of San Jose. 

Flight to the US with the worst turbulance I have ever experienced, over the gorgeous Careibean Sea. 

Christmas with family in Washington DC area. Meet ups with friends, National Monuments tour, and museum wonders. 

New Years in Sherlock Holmes Escape room, dinner in firehouse, fireworks in the river with my sisters and their husbands. 

Atlanta family time, shopping and reunion with my cousin. 

Florida with 3 of my sisters, quality time with my new niece, donuts on the beach, cruising up the panhandle. Hair cut and colored. More blonde than ever. 

Sand, waves, beach bumming. English church, Spanish church, back to school. 

Rats in my oven, ant fiestas! 

Saturday Feria ( farmers market), Making home made Kombucha. 

Sunrises in my hammock, afternoon reading, sunset Yoga. 

Planning trips to Nicaragua, California, and for friends to come visit me here in Quepos. 

I am happy to have returned to Costa Rica after the Holidays and feel more at home. I am settling back in, as hard (and hot) as some days are, I wouldn't trade them for anything. 





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