anxious over the details of life

decisions .... 

drawing a compass, painting a prayer

lost in wonder

oh the possibilities

... they swirl and spin like a top on the table of the mind

what if... i stay

what if ... i go

what if...  this, than that... 

what if I , he, she, they, we... 


what in the world is waiting for you? 

around every corner , at every turn

a decision

my emotions are like waves of the ocean, always changing

making it hard to decide...

so strongly, as if through the sound of the waterfall cascading on the wind I hear an answer to all my worried questioning: 

you've made them all your life
you will make them all your life. 
Whatever you decide will be beautiful
it always has
and always will
work out for the best. 
the plans of God, though sometimes mysterious are always good. 
Even in the hurt and pain you've experienced there has been
presence of God, family , and friends
you have persevered and pressed through everything set before you
you've made the most of it all. 
you have resurrected your life from the ashes, in the face death and those you love dying, you've chosen to rise up and LIVE fully ALIVE! 
You've woken up and chased your dreams... 
Lovely things have grown,
like flowers and trees of the forest
are the variety of things you have planted and produced
So journey on wayfarer, 
your compass is different
and that's OK. 
its more than OK. It's how you were designed
with a colorful mind
You have painted your dreams on the canvas of this world
Oh the places you have gone! 
Oh the things you have seen
not to mention the people and places that have changed you and changed because of you. 
The variety of friends and community around you, have freed different parts of you to come alive. 
So stay, or go, but please stay true to who you are and who you have become,
it's different than when you came. 
Stay in the moment,
stay on the journey and don't give up. 
Go on adventures,
go home,
visit your family and friends. 
Go far and wide and deep and high.
Go to school, go to work, go to parties,
go to church, go to the beach... 
wherever you go, go with all your heart. 

Growing in Gratitude