Finding balance

I realized something funny today... I'm a Millionaire! 

$2 = 1 mil colon (Costa Rica currency) and I have a few. 😊

I am also realizing the value of my life and experiences and feel so blessed and rich in love and Gods love for me. 

I visited a new church here this week. The English speaking church that usually meets at the beach. Most of the people there have similar stories as me of moving from US or Canada to pursue the dreams God put on their hearts. 

The message the pastor gave was about finding and keeping balance in an unbalanced world. An earthquake happened here yesterday. 5.8 I am told by my taxi driver. The earth moved under my feet and I didn't even realize it. 

There are a million things happening all over the world everyday. I am blissfully unaware of much other than what is happening in my little world here. 

I've been musing about a few things lately. Some questions coming up that I've spent today asking God and journaling about.  

What is important in this life? 

What is my main objective here? 

What do I want to accomplish in my time in Costa Rica? 

What am I doing that is meaningful? 

Essential answers to these questions in the moment are that peace in God and joy in life are important. God has given me everything I need. He wants my heart and he wants what he has given me to benefit others. He can make something beautiful with my life. He always has and always will. I want to honor Him and live a meaningful life that blesses others. 

I am here because I believe God invited me on an adventure with Him. I believe there are significant reasons I am here for this season. Here are a few: 

I am here to... 

• teach students English, Art, Math, Science

, • share joy and Gods love. 

• experience another culture

• learn Spanish better

• explore and adventure

• be inspired and create 

• connect and build a new community 

• grow in my faith and relationship with God

• slow down my pace of life. Savor

• grieve and grow in grace 

Ok that is more than a few... 

I've been having withdrawals this week, remembering all I've left behind in order to come here. I miss my friends and family. I miss having a car and a big bed and stores and places I am familiar with. It has been a grand adventure adapting to this new life. At those times I feel I loose balance, It really helps me to remember the deeper purposes. I am gaining trust in God, Living by faith each day. I am Growing in grace with myself and with others, meeting new, wonderful people everyday. Stepping out and building foundations of new relationships is building confidence. Surrounded by beauty and gems of Gods creation Is inspiring. 

Another teacher arrived this week. We will be living and teaching together. We have so many things in common and complimentary personalities. We had a meeting today with other staff over pancakes and coffee to outline our schedule, roles, goals, responsibilities, and opportunities. I am spending the day getting to know her and showing her around. She speaks much better Spanish so that is helpful. It's going to be fun to have a partner in this adventure. I am delighted to dive in, find balance and joy in the journey. 


Reduce + Reuse + Recycle

Reduce + Reuse + Recycle