Watercolor Heart

"her script blooms, lacing words

to enlist a fate-foraging people, 

weaving language to hail beauty where beauty is due

flowering chronicle, her diction, soft yet large

braids story to unfold us, an invitation

to unfasten feet from earth, confide

and hold our brittle watercolor hearts

in our hands, ready for rain."

- Lauren Elrick- Tapestry Magazine

It has rained nearly everyday this week. The mornings here are lovely, the afternoons hot and humid and it rains in the evening. It is no wonder as this is the rain forest. I usually enjoy the rain, as it brings relief from the heat, calm after crazy days, and green lush life to the environment. This week there have been storms that have gotten a little scary. I have been trying to find ways to be optimistic and find fun things to do. Singing, dancing, painting, reading, coffee time with the neighbors, dinner with new friends ect. Today I am at a fellow teachers home and it is roaring rain. 

The kids at the school love my scroll of watercolor pencils. It has been a really fun way to get to know them. Sitting at the table during recess, setting up a studio space for them to express themselves with color and explore a new medium. Its a a fun way for them share their favorite things, words they know, and interested with me. It's fun to see them light up to find out that when they add water to what they've drawn it turns to a painting.

The kids have been presenting science fair projects and had a fair today. These pencils have been my little science experiment.

My hypothesis: if I sit down with my watercolor pencils, paper, and itunes playlist, kids will come and I will connect with them. 

My experiment proved successful. I have a stack of paintings, and I know all the kids names, English speaking ability, personalities, and favorite songs, places, and things to draw. 

I feel like my time here has been like water color painting with my pencils. The structure of each day, all my experiences, new surroundings, people, places, and observations are like drawing and the Holy Spirit along with my feelings are like water painting a beautiful masterpiece on my heart. 



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Hola Costa Rica!