Hola Costa Rica!

Hola a partir de Costa Rica! 
I am so happy to be here. Everything is new and all very different. It is exciting, and a little scary. 
I am already learning so much and getting acquainted with everyone ( even the geckos and iguanas are friendly!) 
My friend Lydia and I spent a few days in San Jose with a family. Monday we traveled a roller coaster shuttle ride through the mountains to the Pacific coast. Our driver stopped at fun places along the way. We had lunch at a nice place and tried cow tongue! It was actually tender and tasty. We went over a bridge and saw crocodiles, on top of a mountain that overlooked a cloud forest of trees below and the ocean in the horizon. Six Scarlet macaws flew over us as we stood in awe. 
Giant palms and beautiful flowering trees lined the road on the drive to Quepos. A few kids and sweet ladies welcomed us with big hugs. They had filled my apartment here with balloons and encouraging notes posted all over. We had coffee and got to know them. Mary (school admin) & Jeremy (11) live below me. Angelina (5) and Deborah (8) are Jeremy's cousins and my students who stayed 3 days with Ursula (grandma who lives next door and owns of my apartment) awaiting to greet me. 
I had breakfast with the school founder and principle at the Marina Tuesday. They brought Lydia and I around to see the area and pointed out places to see, eat, hangout, and buy things. 
We visited the school. The students are so sweet. I will be helping with almost all the grades. There are 56 kids in total.
I have now had three days in class observing and at times teaching. It has been so fun to get to know the kids and teachers. I also think it will be a challenge teaching so many different things to different ages. 
Jeremy, Angelina, and Debora have come after school to paint with me both days now. We trade art and English lessons for Spanish and dinner with their family. I feel so welcome with their family.
My apartment is at the top of a hill surrounded by mountains, with a view of the Pacific Ocean. There is a lime tree beside my balcony where I've hung my hammock. There is a banana and coconut tree also off the porches. 
Giant hibiscus and palms line the streets. One of the students mother's owns a store at the corner. 
Taxi and buses take me anywhere I want to go there's even uber here.
I went to Manuel Antonio beach for sunset one night. It was spectacular. I want to go often as it is so close. Church is there on Sunday! 
There is so much to explore. I am happy this place is starting to feel like home. 
I hope this finds you well.  


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