We Rise, We Fall, We FLY...->

<-...Life is short I want to life it well. One Life One story to tell...->

After a long week of teaching and tutoring after school, Friday felt so good this week. I love weekends here! My new friend and fellow teacher, Lisa and I are merry adventure mates. There is so much to do here and we want to try new things and explore. This weekend we decided to go on a Canopy Safari. 

We joined a group of tour guys and photographer and hopped on a bus. Driving through the palm fields, over rivers and through the mountains we were surrounded by so much beauty. Anticipation building, I made a Teak leaf ink tattoo on my arm ...-> forward motion. I referenced this throughout the day for inspiration for courage.  Heaven high, whimsically painted rainbow eucalyptus trees lined the way, along with pastures of horses and bulls. 

We arrived to Canopy Safari greeted by pineapple smoothies, butterflies, flowers, crocodiles, snakes, and amazing coffee. We relaxed in the hammocks a moment then harnessed up, helmets on, ready to go. Strapped in safe, knees up head back ...-> Cascading over the rushing river below was a thrill. The rush of excitement filled my entire being. My body, soul, and spirit felt awake and engaged. 

This is living NOW...->

Hiking up the mountain dodging poison dart frogs, and "walking trees" we laughed and mused about life. Catching my breath, the views were taking me over. Ginger flower shower, ice cold water...->

The heights were higher here. The platforms were small but held us high in the strong, giant trees. It was hard not to look down at the vast beauty below my feet. The scariest part was letting go...-> 

Moving past the fear and stepping out in faith was hard work for me mentally and emotionally. I was shaking with adrenaline and faint with hesitation. What if I fall? What if I fail? What if this thing breaks, what happens if I get stuck, hit a tree, or miss the landing? ahhhh ready or not, here I go... 

 On the Tarzan swing I screamed like Jane in the Jungle. Rappelling down maybe 3 stories I was on fire on the inside and tried slowing down, nearly burning my hands. 

Free falling I felt like all my fears arise then fade as I gave into gravity and faced them. The feeling of overcoming filled me with so. much. JOY! 

Half way through our adventure my friend Lisa turned to me and said "we are ALIVE!" This resonated so deeply with me. I FELT SO ALIVE! And to think that just a few months ago, I didn't have the strength some days to even get out of bed, I felt so depressed. The crippling fears I faced of failing again, of accidents happening out of my control ... -> Fast forward to today when I am living my dreams, overcoming fears, feeling so ALIVE and loving every moment.

There is something  about soaring through trees, jumping off platforms, defying gravity that helped me feel new heights of joy ... -> I felt it in my lungs, in my body, in my soul and spirit. I felt like God was carrying me at times and I started singing a new song... joy overflow, like a waterfall, let it overflow... I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm aliiiiiiive, I'm AlIIIIIIVE! 

The last line was a "superman" swing. Face first over the rushing river below, I flew, like a bird set free...-> Through the lush rain forest in the mountains of Costa Rica, a land that I am loving more each day, I let go of a lot of fear I've been carrying and flew into a higher level of faith and trust. 

<-...Life is Short I want to live it well. One life one story to tell...->

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Watercolor Heart